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Qt Heart rate monitorQt helps companies create innovative user interfaces for devices that require unique interfaces tailored for their target audience in industries where hardware is no longer the only focus. This ranges from HMI, simple push button controls for factory workers and other industrial uses, to some of the flashiest and most impressive interfaces to help device manufacturers compete in the fast-paced world of intuitive and comprehensive UIs.

A Complete & Flexible Embedded Development Framework

Qt supports embedded developers with a modular library of over 700 proven C++ classes with Qt. These classes offer more than just GUI design. By offering classes for XML, networking, IPC, SVG, threading, SQL, internationalization and multimedia, Qt provides a complete application framework that enables developers to focus on their key competencies and product differentiators rather than the basics. Learn more about Qt’s Core Features and Functions

Qt Enterprise Embedded

Qt Enterprise Embedded

Qt Enterprise Embedded is a solution that does not only provide you with the verbose Qt libraries, but a powerful development environment that gets you up-to-speed and productive with the application and UI creation in no time with one-click deployment to the actual device. The included Boot to Qt Software Stack provides you with a ready-made solution for selecting and setting up the suitable software stack for your target device. Learn more about how to create embedded devices with Qt Enterprise Embedded.

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