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Step 1

Click to Select Your Development Platform
After you have filled the download form the download will start automatically.

Qt for Windows desktop, Embedded and Android
Qt for OS x, Mac OS X and iOS
Qt for Linux, Linux/X11,  and Android


Step 2Download and Install Qt Enterprise
Download and execute the online installer. Choose the components you want to install.

The online installer provides pre-built binary installers for most common desktop configurations, as well as Android. If you cannot find pre-built binaries for your target environment, please download the source code packages via the online installer and follow the installation instructions for your target platform provided in the documentation.

» More detailed installation instructions.

It is recommended to evaluate the latest Qt 5 version, but earlier Qt 5 versions are also provided via the online installer.

Step 3Start Programming
Launch the Qt Creator IDE and explore the endless possibilities of Qt Programming by exploring the examples, demos and tutorials.

Once you have installed Qt Creator you can browse through the dozens of Qt examples, demos and tutorials included in the package. Then, start creating your own applications with the Getting Started with Qt Guide.

» The full Qt documentation.

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