Qt Services

The Qt Services team helps you meet your business objectives quickly and efficiently by following you through every step of your development process. We pride ourselves in offering you our deep Qt technical skills and advice, keen understanding of market development challenges, project management and other software architecture capabilities.

With a Qt Services engagement you get a direct link to our R&D so you can:

  • Accelerate feature development
  • Merge new features to the main product
  • Influence the product roadmap

We also offer in-depth training to help users develop a comprehensive understanding of Qt. Qt Authorized Trainers provide both a theoretical understanding of Qt accompanied by examples, and they also conduct hands-on labs on your preferred platform(s). Learn more about Qt Training.


With the support of Digia, Qt Services, Bluescape developed special mapping
software for teams to execute simultaneous collaboration on any device.

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Qt Architecture workshopArchitecture and Design Workshop

Our team of experts can provide you trusted technical advice and work together with you to identify the requirements for your project design and architecture.

User ExperienceUser Experience

We help our customers to successfully launch their products onto the market with the right features, first-class usability and smooth user interfaces ready for the end-users. To reach these goals we offer user studies and concept design, interaction and graphic design.

Platform integrationPlatform Integration

If you are targeting a particular hardware, graphics chips or operating system, we can make sure Qt is tuned and fully functional to meet your development needs. Our team has full expertise on reducing the memory foot print and boot up time of your application to ensure optimal performance.

Qt Application DevelopmentApplication Development

We can help you with custom application development and design to make sure you have a visually-pleasing and highly-performing application to give you the competitive advantage. Digia provides Qt and QML application development services and solutions enabling you to bring your software applications to market faster.

Qt CustomizationQt Customization

If there is something you wished Qt could do to give you that competitive edge, we offer custom engineering to develop what you want and need. We can assist you in customizing Qt to meet your specific demands like extending APIs, developing your own SDK or building and designing custom features in Qt. Our tight link to Qt R&D makes it easy for us to productize new features based on your requirements and merge it with the mainline code making it a part of the core product.