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Qt delivered advanced, cross-platform C++ GUI for Mathematica’s development team

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The Challenge
As the user interface group for Mathematica began designing its latest version of the popular technical computing software, it found itself increasingly dissatisfied with Motif, the development platform it had been using. The new design had sophisticated interface requirements that generated a considerable amount of code writing but were already available under Macintosh and Windows. The group needed to port to new platforms and new versions of the operating systems they supported. Additionally, they wanted an up-to-date look to the interface.

The Solution
The Mathematica user interface group selected Qt because its coherent design methodology streamlined development and its support for a variety of Unix operating systems simplified porting. Qt also made cutting edge widgets available, enabling the team to design a modern interface for its new product.

The Value
The shortened development time not only enabled the group to bring the product to market more quickly, it increased efficiency, leaving the developers more time to focus on core competencies. The flexibility of the platform also enabled the developers to integrate more sophisticated features, increasing customer satisfaction.

Being able to rely on Qt Development Frameworks’ developers to help us stay on top of portability problems is a plus for us. Qt certainly increased the quality of the product we are bringing to market. 
John Fultz, Senior Developer, Wolfram Research


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