Boot to Qt Software Stack

A Prototyping Kick-Start

Your productivity is at the core of what drives us. We don't want you wasting hundreds of man hours just configuring and setting up your toolchains for your embedded device workflow. We believe you should be able to start prototyping immediately upon installation of Qt Enterprise Embedded. So our slick Qt Enterprise Embedded development team has created a pre-configured software stack for you. Boot to Qt allows you to immediately deploy your software on embedded hardware giving you a modern agile workflow, regardless of your target platforms.

Out-of-the-Box for an Out-of-this-World Experience

During the installation of Qt Enterprise Embedded, you can choose from a variety of reference hardware for which we provide a fully pre-built software image. Flash your device (or its memory card) with the image, power it up and watch Qt run!

The stack is also pre-configured to Qt Creator IDE, so you can put your own Qt applications on the board by just selecting the correct deployment KIT and hitting 'Run'.

Rapid Embedded Prototyping – Simply Sublime

Modern software processes embrace the agile and incremental processes where feedback is gathered quickly from constant interaction with end users and customers. We want to give you the flexibility and velocity to achieve this, while also reducing costly embedded development processes.

The Boot to Qt software stack lets you create real device prototypes from day 1 and your code-compile-deploy cycle is reduced to a minimum. Show your product to your customers in an early phase for incremental development or conduct usability tests even before finalizing hardware specifications. Keep market needs and demands at the center of your development process!

Your Choice - Embedded Android or Embedded Linux

The Boot to Qt stack comes in two flavors: Embedded Android and Embedded Linux.

Boot to Qt
Our Embedded Android stack is a boiled down version of the Android OS. It runs on top of the Android Kernel and selected baselayer components, but does not contain the Dalvik VM or any of the typical Android OS process support, so regular Android applications can't run on it – it's optimized for Qt.

The Embedded Linux stack runs on top of the traditional Linux Kernel and is built using the Yocto Project tooling to give you an excellent kick-start for building your own custom productized stack.

Make It Your Own - Pre-production Customization

Out-of-the-box the stack is built to enable rapid prototyping, but it can be configured to your own production needs, to a large variety of hardware, and to your middleware selection. We provide comprehensive professional tooling to build your own stack off our pre-built ones.

For Embedded Android, we have custom build scripts available for integration to your board's Android distribution. We also provide a feature, Android Injection, which makes it possible, with little effort, to take practically any programmable device that runs Android 4.2/4.4, inject Boot to Qt, and voilà you have a Qt-powered device. We wanted to increase the number of prototyping boards/devices available to you and make it easy to do small-batch products with less expensive off-the-shelf bulk Android hardware. Read more about Android Injection on the Qt Blog.

For Embedded Linux, our stack is built using the Yocto Project tooling and we provide you with the proprietary recipes for full control over contents and target hardware.

For more complex cases we are happy to help you in your exact needs through our portfolio of Professional Services.