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Qt Enterprise Embedded provides a fully-integrated solution to get you started immediately with software development on your embedded device with a tailored user experience for embedded Linux and embedded Android. It supports your key requirements for high performance, minimal footprint together with Qt’s flexible full-framework modular architecture to deliver unparalleled scalability. Qt Enterprise Embedded gives you shorter time-to-market providing you with the productivity-enhancing tools and value-adding components. You are up-to-speed with development and prototyping since day one. You can just focus on writing your application with Qt.

What is Qt Enterprise Embedded?

 Qt Enterprise Embedded

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Qt Enterprise Embedded provides you with the following:

  • A full-blown, productivity enhancing development environment is installed on a Linux development desktop. This self-contained environment is installed and updated through one online installer and features  the Qt Creator Enterprise IDE, with features that facilitate the whole product creation lifecycle: UI designer, code editor, direct device deployment via USB or IP, emulator, on-device debugging and profiling.


  • Shorter time-to-market with the Boot to Qt Software Stack that is a light-weight, Qt-optimized, full software stack that is installed into the actual target device. The stack comes in two flavors, Embedded Android and Embedded Linux. The pre-built stack gets you up-to-speed with prototyping in no time and with our professional tooling you can customize the stack into your exact production needs.


  • Full-power and scalability of Qt on Embedded.  Leverage the cross-platform C++ native APIs for maximum performance on both beautiful User Interfaces as well as non-GUI operations. With C++ you have full control over your application code. You can also configure Qt Enterprise Embedded directly from the source codes into a large variety of supported hardware and operating systems. And certainly, like with any Qt based application, the same application can be deployed natively to desktop and mobile OS targets as well.



Boot to Qt Software Stack for Embedded Android & Embedded Linux:

a) Embedded Android has the software stack based on the Android Kernel and selected  middleware. It includes a lean software stack where Qt/QML replaces the top Java graphical layer and removes the Zygote process layer as well the Android home screen enabling better and faster development where modern UIs are at the forefront.

b) Embedded Linux has the software stack using the traditional embedded Linux kernel and it is built with the Yocto Project's Poky reference system using Qt-specific recipes. The Embedded Linux variant is designed for great customization possibilities. With customizing the recipe, the stack contains only the components required in the productized device, resulting in smaller image sizes while keeping valuable development tools available.

Proven Success

"Thanks to Qt Enterprise Embedded and its Boot to Qt Software Stack, we could put our vision of the final product into a Nexus 7 based mock-up within days. This got our customer a valuable hands on experience and us a head start. With Digia's great support, switching to the final hardware was no problem. Qt Enterprise Embedded enabled us to focus on UI development without having to worry about all the embedded hassle."

Andre Lintelmann
HERTZ Systemtechnik GmbH

Getting Started

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Getting started: How to create a project, deploy to a device and on-device-debugging.

Andy Nichols, from Digia Qt R&D shows his cool project, SuperfluousSynth, that he implemented with Qt Enterprise Embedded.

Demonstration of Qt Enterprise Embedded running on various hardware with either embedded Linux or embedded Android.

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